Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Use of Anti-Static Plastic In Food Packaging

The growing trend of the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials has changed the scenario of packaging industry entirely. Recent studies have shown that static packaging can be dangerous not only for the food and electronic products but they can also put your brand reputation at stake. Thus, even if product safety is not an issue, you are not going to get branding advantage if you are using static packaging options for product packaging.

While packaging food items, you are going to have to deal with the food particles which dislodge themselves from the foods and cause problems in the packaging. Sugar and flour particles can cause a static charge and they have a capability not only to ignite but passing this ignition to the nearby particles. And the static packaging can provide those particles with an opportunity to take fire. As a result, your entire packaging mechanism gets exposed to a risk of explosion.

Anti-static films
When you are packaging baked goods, you have to keep in mind that the things can get dusty in no time. Particles of sugar, flour and grains can cause an unattractive look of the final packaged product. However, you can prevent the packages getting unattractive by using anti-static films. The biggest benefit of these films is that they do not attract the food particles. This way, your final product will remain visually appealing, giving you a huge branding advantage.

Anti-static bulk packaging
Since these particles have the serious ability to catch fire, you need to make sure that these particles are kept away from the products while they are being packaged. It is worth mentioning here that only 1 – 2 grams of particles per cubic meter are required to catch fire. And since these particles can pass ignition to the other nearby particles, the environment becomes quite dangerous not only for the packaging setup but also for the people dealing with the packaging process.

The easy solution to this issue is to use anti-static packaging. And if you are packaging items in a bulk, you can go for the anti-static bulk packaging option. In order to reduce the charging of sugar and flour particles, you can talk to your packaging supplier.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Tips to Move Heavy Furniture without Damaging the Floor

Floor is one of the most prominent areas of your home and it is more susceptible to damage when you move in or out of the home. This is due to fact that moving involves a lot of dragging which can lead to hard scratches on the wood, tile or anything the floor is made of. The mishandling of your luggage, especially heavy furniture, can also lead to the damage to the walls of your home. in this scenario, you need to develop a strategy to move your heavy and bulky furniture if you are planning of a DIY move. Having that said, a few tips are worth mentioning in this regard.

Get help
You can safely plan for a DIY move if you have helpful friends and family members. Therefore, you will need to ask those people for help if you plan on moving heavy furniture. Lifting and dragging heavy furniture without any help is a bad idea not only because it can damage the surfaces and furniture but it can also cause injuries to several areas of your body such as back, knees and neck. Beds, couches, coffee tables and desks are the furniture that you would not like to move on your own due to the size and weight they have. If it is difficult for you to get free help, you can hire moving labor which is going to consist of professionals who are not full time movers but they show their availability for the individual tasks in a moving process.

You should definitely disassemble your furniture if there is an option available for it. For instance, it may not be possible for you to move an entire bed to the moving truck. You will need to disassemble it into pieces and then move it.

Clear the way
Heavy furniture pieces should be the last items to move to the moving truck. Having that said, you need to make sure that the route to moving truck is clear. Even the rug in the way is going to act as an obstacle. It can slip and cause you to fall down with the item you are carrying. It could be dangerous.

Packaging supplies
Role of packaging supplies is always very important no matter what item of whatever the size you are moving. In case you are moving heavy furniture, you will need to make sure that you have got the items covered with moving blankets and other cushioning materials which can also wrap the furniture.

Sliders and gliders
If you want to ensure maximum safety of both the items and the floors while moving, you can use sliders and gliders. You can also rent a dolly on which you can fit the item and drag it to the moving truck. You will not have pull harder and the surfaces are also going to remain safe.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tips to Make Moving Hassle Free

Packing every household item to move to the new home might sound a little irritating despite the joy of moving to a new place. Nevertheless, the irritation is usually resulted due to mismanagement in packing and moving. One you start managing things appropriately, there will be no reason to get frustrated.

Based on personal experiences of several movers, we are going to mention some helpful tips that might help you in making the process of moving easier and unfussy.

Prepare a list
Start with making a list. This record making should involve every item in your home. You can use this list to make a packing plan. A notebook with blank pages should be enough to keep the record of moving. One thing more that you can do here is noting down the process of disassembling several items like furniture and electronics. This record would help you when you will need assembling things back at the new place.

Get a plenty of packaging supplies
Packaging supplies like moving boxes and the items that assist in securing the packing are very important. Start with the boxes. Make sure that you have a lot of boxes at your place. The number of boxes present at your home should be larger than your estimate. You can get cheap moving boxes from shipping companies. You can also claim free moving boxes from the moving company you have hired.

Items that help in securing the packing such as plastic tapes, cutters, scissors and packing materials should also be there in appropriate amount. Remember, the safety of your items is almost entirely dependent on how well the items are secured.

The wardrobe boxes
Wardrobe boxes are used for the purpose of preventing wrinkles on sophisticated and costly dresses, but you can contain other clothes in the boxes as well. The folded clothes and fabrics can be settled in the base of these boxes. It will definitely save you a lot of space while your items are being transported. The main benefit of storing clothes this way is that the base of wardrobe boxes becomes a bit heavier, preventing the falling down of boxes during moving.

Use colors
Assign colors to the rooms of your new home and use the color strips on your boxes. The main benefit of this color tagging is that you, your family members and the movers will have clear idea on which box belongs to which room.

Start packing ahead of time
Don’t wait for the last days when it comes to packing your items. Start packing a few weeks ahead of time of moving. Items like decoration pieces, artwork and books, which you are not going to use in the remaining days at current place, should be packed first. Strategize this packing process over the coming days. That will leave you with no trouble at all at the last day before finally moving.

Protect the valuables
Valuables like jewelry and other costly utensils shouldn’t be kept with the rest of luggage. Instead, you can pack them in a separate box or a big suitcase and keep it with you.